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In Memoriam Jason Smith, Starburns Audio Founder & CEO
New! That Happens

Rising from the ashes like some sort of podcasting Phoenix, hosts Jeff B. Davis and Spencer Crittenden embark on the most courageous and groundbreaking mission ever conceived: talking into microphones. Oh, also they play dungeons and dragons sometimes. That happens! A podcast!

New! Through the Screen Door

A pop culture/Variety Show podcast with a southern twist! Part Tonight Show and part SNL and we won’t lie… part Daily Show as it has become increasingly harder to ignore politics (especially since Corey lives in Georgia!)

New on SBA!
David C. Smalley

David C. Smalley is a skeptic, comedian, and actor who explores the nuances of major issues in a respectful tone. He talks with Christians, politicians, psychics, crystal healers, comedians, pro fighters, and even adult film stars, all to make you think.

New on SBA!
The Bianca Del Rio Podcast

Join Bianca Del Rio as she cackles through an uncensored dialogue with people that matter…but do they matter?

New! Six Unseemly Questions

Victor Varnado (Conan, VICE) and sidekick Dave Rosinsky (Hates to be called a sidekick) ask a subject 6 probing questions and score them on their response. Guests from film, TV, media, and the streets.

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In Memoriam Jason Smith, Starburns Audio Founder & CEO Posted March 29th

We’re heartbroken to report the sudden passing of Jason Smith, CEO of Starburns Audio, late on Friday afternoon. We mourn with his family, his wife and daughter, the Starburns family, and the comedy and podcast communities at large.

Jason was motivated by a desire to create and connect with people. To elevate unique and inclusive comedy voices and help them reach their audience. He lived this dream every day, and those who were with him on this journey are so grateful for the time we’ve spent. We just wanted more.

To work with Jason was to be close with him. He brought joy and empathy to each of his many endeavors, along with a rare and unique dose of humor and optimism. While he would blush to be so lionized, we will honor his memory and his legacy by continuing to work on what we’ve built so far together. He’s left some big crocs to fill, but the work continues. Our director of production, and Jason’s friend and colleague of 17 years, Land Romo, will be taking over the helm with our full support.

A memorial fund has been set up for his family, with an eye towards helping his daughter pay for college. The link is here. Please join us in remembering this great man.

With Love,

The Starburns Audio Family

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About Starburns Audio

Starburns Audio is a new podcasting network created by Starburns Industries, the production studio behind Rick and Morty, HBO’s Animals, and the Academy Award-nominated Anomalisa.

At SBA we make creator-driven comedy podcasts by providing a platform to unique, exciting talent and amplifying their voices to create high-quality comedic content. Our launch-lineup is a mix of Apple Podcasts comedy top 50 mainstays and exciting new shows, including: Harmontown, Small Doses with Amanda Seales, Dumb People Town, Glowing Up, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, and Natch Beaut.