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The PatDown

Comedian and author Ms. Pat brings her honest, unique, and hilarious perspective to her podcast, The PatDown. Every week she brings her listeners free style conversations that touch on anything from current events to revealing stories from her life. Don’t be alarmed if you hear some kids getting yelled at!









About the Hosts

Ms. Pat

Ms. Pat had her first child at 14 and her second child at 15. She became a drug dealer in her teens known by the street name “Rabbit”. During her teens she was shot twice and arrested numerous times. With the help of her social worker, and military husband, she embarked on her comedic journey, and succeeded at turning her life around.

Ms. Pat has appeared on Comedy Central’s “This is Not Happening,” Kevin Hart’s “LOL,” Katt Williams’ “Kattpacalypse,” Jeff Ross’ “Roast Battle” at the Montreal Comedy Festival, and NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”. She is a regular guest on the syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show, and she has become a Podcast celebrity with appearances on WTF with Marc Maron, The Joe Rogan Experience, Ari Shafir’s Skeptic Tank, The CrabFeast, Your Mom’s House, Tom Joyner Morning Show and the Breakfast Club.

Her NAACP Image Award-nominated memoir “Rabbit,” published by Harper-Collins, was released in 2017.


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