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Play with Pain:
Chet Waterhouse

Each week Jeff Cesario’s alter-ego, old-school sportscaster Chet Waterhouse takes a different guest through the world of sports and beyond, and just doesn’t let accuracy get in the way of a good laugh.





About the Hosts

Chet Waterhouse

Chet Waterhouse, is a legendary broadcaster who has held down the sports anchor chair everywhere from Los Angeles’s famed KROQ radio to The Adam Carolla Podcast.

Jeff Cesario

Jeff Cesario is a veteran of the late night talk shows plus four of his own specials, most recently on Comedy Central. He is the voice of Chet Waterhouse on “Play With Pain!” and the Adam Carolla Podcast. He stars in The Dick Rossi Show on the Funny or Die, and also cleans up nicely for the corporate crowd.


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