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Dumb, Gay Politics

If you know who NeNe Leaks is, but not Nancy Pelosi, then this is the podcast for you! Join Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) as they talk about the week in politics, like they are talking about reality TV.

About the Hosts

Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard

Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard are writing partners who have been writing and hosting together since 2007. They have worked as staff writers for TV shows (Including Fashion Police on E! and Funny Girls on Oxygen) and together they have written 2 feature length screenplays and 3 half-hour comedies (including their latest script, Pushing It).

Goldman is a stand-up comedian with a rather large and dedicated following. She was a series regular on Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show and has guest starred on a million shows, including: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bones, Happy Endings, and The Mindy Project. Howard is a model/actress who has done over 50 national commercials and a handful of crappy TV movies.