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Maybe It’s You.

Who is this podcast for? Maybe It’s You. All of your problems, victories, fears, aspirations and even your fetishes have one thing in common… us. No Dummy, it’s YOU! With Amiira Ruotola and Greg Behrendt, co-authors of some snazzy best-selling relationship books that you might have heard of depending on your level of heartbreak.







About the Hosts

Greg Behrendt

Greg Behrendt is a comedian, author and musician. He is the co- author of the New York Times bestselling books “He’s Just Not That Into You”, “It’s Called A Breakup Because It’s Broken” and the most recent is “It’s Just A F***ing Date” which became the subject of one of Oprah’s most talked about Life Classes featuring Greg and his wife Amiira Ruotola. Greg has collaborated on all of these projects with Amiira. Together they have written 3 books as well as the upcoming How to Keep Your Marriage From Sucking for Diversion Books. They have also developed projects for both film and television and have taught seminars on relationships and writing. Greg currently spends time parenting his two lovely daughters, touring as a standup, recording his podcast Rock Out with Your Doc Out with Kay Hanley, and playing with his band The Reigning Monarchs. He someday hopes to lie down.

Amiira Ruotola

Amiira Ruotola took to writing after retiring from a tremendously adventurous career the music business at a young age with little hearing left to speak of. Along with collaborating with her husband Greg Behrendt on “He’s Just Not That Into You” and co-writing “It’s Called A Breakup Because It’s Broken”, “It’s Just A F***ing Date”, and the upcoming “How To Keep Your Marriage From Sucking”. Amiira and Greg appeared with Oprah Winfrey for an Oprah’s Lifeclass based on their book “It’s Just A F***ing Date.” Amiira produced “The Greg Behrendt Show” for Sony Television and “Greg Behrendt’s Wake Up Call” for ABC. Amiira and her T.V. writing partners have sold several scripts FOX, CBS and NBC and she continues to develop television projects and work in the relationship field. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Greg (who you might recognize from the above paragraph) and raises their two ridiculously incredible children and three dogs while watching as much tennis as possible. She cannot keep fish alive and may or may not have been raised by spies.

The Book

How to Keep Your Marriage from Sucking bookcover


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