Ghosted by Roz Hernandez

Ghosted! by
Roz Hernandez

Light some sage and pop your popcorn, Roz is getting spooky! Though far from an expert on the unknown, comedian Roz Hernandez (she/they) explores her curiosity of things that go “bump” in the night with her fun friends including celebrity guests, paranormal professionals, and listeners! Popular topics include EXTRAterrestrials, sleep paralysis demons, psychic experiences, urban legends, cryptids, and of course… GHOSTS!

(formerly known as Ghosted! by Roz Drezfalez)

About the Host

Roz Drezfalez

Roz Hernandez (she/they) is a transgender comedian and paranormal enthusiast based in Los Angeles. Roz has received praise from listeners and industry alike for her unique ability to find humor in the mundane, always leading with respect and curiosity.