Rent the Studio

Rent the studio at Starburns Audio for your production! In partnership with animation studio Starburns Industries and numerous other projects, we have recorded audio and voiceover for award-winning animation productions across the world in addition to podcasts and simulcasts. We offer audio only or both video and audio rates for partial days and full days.
Our studio is a fully equipped podcast and audio recording space which includes a dedicated voiceover booth. We can accommodate up to 5 people at once in the studio with an audience of six and can record a laugh track in addition to capturing audio and video. Please reach out with questions about reservations.


Audio Only

$1600/day – 8 hours

$250/hour – includes engineer – 3 hour minimum


Audio and Camera

$2400/day – 8 hours
$400/hour – includes engineer and video tech for cameras – 2 hour minimum



Reach out and let us know some details!