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The Blackout Diaries

The Blackout Diaries is a comedy show where standup comedians, plus ‘regular’ people (cops, firefighters, teachers, etc) tell true drinking stories. The live show has run weekly in Chicago for over ten years and has been a critics’ pick by all major Chicago periodicals. The podcast is hosted by Sean Bair-Flannery and CJ Sullivan, two standup comedians and friends who have been featured on Comedy Central, Sirius Radio, NPR and more. They have over 30 years of standup experience between them and about 800 missed flights.

CJ and Sean pouring a drink


Sean Flannery

The easiest way to describe Sean Flannery is: he’s attended the wrong wedding (twice).That mostly sums it up.

Sean hosts and created The Blackout Diaries. He’s appeared on Comedy Central, NPR, Sirius Radio and his debut book, “Places I Can’t Return To” comes out soon.

Sean was also named Best Drunk by The Chicago Reader. He and his wife are having different reactions to that award.

CJ Sullivan

CJ Sullivan resides in Los Angeles and previously called Chicago home for many years. CJ has been on Comedy Central, NBC, and performs in numerous comedy clubs across the country. His writing credentials include projects for A&E network, Comedy Central, Robert Smigel, and XM/Sirius radio. Sullivan, also a World Series of Poker winning professional poker player, garnered the #1 comedy album spot on iTunes for his newly released stand up comedy album “What am I Complaining About?”

During the Pandemic, CJ performed nightly “ShoVids” from his balcony for the front line workers.  Or yelled at his neighbors, depending on your interpretation. See it here.