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The Tumbler’s Willy Podcast

Tumbler’s Willy’ is the longest-running TV drama in the world – so how come you’ve never heard of it until now? Maybe you’re a cultural sloth, or perhaps you’ve just been busy chasing your dreams. Whatever, now’s your chance to discover what you’ve been missing for the last 120 years.  Join American sitcom writer Andy Bobrow and UK children’s author Andy Stanton as they take a deep and incredibly dumb dive into this most British-est of shows. If you’ve got any sense at all, you won’t believe your ears.

About the Hosts

ANDY BOBROW has written for some of the most popular and influential American TV comedies of recent times, including Community; Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Malcolm in the Middle. Andy was also Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner of Fox’s The Last Man On Earth.

ANDY STANTON is the author of the British children’s series, Mr Gum, which has sold more than 4 million copies in the UK and been translated into more than 30 languages. Andy also co-hosts the podcast Ask the Nincompoops, in which he and comedian-actress Carrie Quinlan answer children’s questions in the most surreal and untruthful ways possible.