Starburns Audio Politically: October 29, 2018

Oct 29, 2018

Anyone living in the U.S  knows that we are in an election season, with the midterm elections happening in just one week. Whether you’re a vote-by-mail voter, or will be swarming to a booth next Tuesday, you will want to check out these shows to help inform your voting decisions.

Civil Conversations

Ever wonder what it would look like if a democrat and a republican actually talked about controversial legislation on the record with no agenda and no script? With Civil Conversations, United States Senatorial candidate David Baria manages to accomplish just that: a rare look behind the curtain and into the policy making factory. Republican leadership in Mississippi would prefer no one discuss policy unless they’re on board with the Republican agenda. Democratic member of the Mississippi House and current United States Senatorial candidate David Baria understands nothing can get Mississippi off the bottom if people don’t talk. Civil Conversations is David Baria doing what no one else has managed to do: sitting getting Republican and Democratic legislators to sit down together and simply talk, offering an unprecedented, unscripted and unfiltered view into the people and beliefs behind the policy in Mississippi.

Saving the World with Barry and Lucas

Barry and Lucas want to make you feel better about the world, by smoking some weed and having a free-flowing conversation with interesting people who want to save us. It’s NPR on weed.

In this episode of STW, Barry and Lucas sit down with Katie Hill.

Katie Hill is running in California’s 25th district, which has been republican for 40 of the last 50 years. Katie has been an advocate for homeless rights as the executive director of PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) and has worked with Emily’s List. We’ll talk about how she grew up as a liberal in a family of republicans, how she decided to run for congress while taking a shower, and being brave on rollercoasters.

Join Barry and Lucas for part 2 of their midterm election series as they talk to Sean Casten. 

Sean Casten is running in Illinois’s 6th district, which has been Republican since 1973. He is a molecular biologist, who for decades has run profitable, clean energy businesses, and in that time helped create 6,000 jobs. He wants to protect the Affordable Care Act, stop climate change, and repeal his opponent Peter Roskam’s immoral tax act. We talk about climate change, why facts don’t require your belief, and how we’re doing elections wrong.

You’ve got 7 days left to help influence your friends and family in this crucial election season.

Do your part!