Small Doses with Amanda Seales Featuring Jameela Jamil!

Jul 10, 2019

Actress Jameela Jamil brings The Good Place to Small Doses with Amanda Seales 

The Good Place Actress Jameela Jamil joined Amanda Seales to discuss the side affects the shame. Jamil has been open about her struggle with eating disorders and the pain and pressure often felt by women and girls from body shaming. Jamil’s  body positive advocacy comes in many different forms. 

From partnering up with UK brand Simply Be and launching a size-inclusive collection in 2016 to creating the I WEIGH instagram page March 2019, Jamil is determined to end body shaming on a global level. 

Check out the engaging, fun and informative Small Doses episode Side Effects of Shame on Starburns Audio.

More About Amanda Seales:

Comedian, actress, writer, producer, and more, Amanda Seales doesn’t just make you laugh, she makes change! With an uncanny knack for taking serious topics (racism, rape culture, sexism, police brutality, etc.) and with humor, making them relatable and interesting, she combines intellectual wit, irreverent silliness and a pop culture obsession to create her unique style of smart funny content for the stage and screens.

Along with performing stand up across the globe, and touring colleges doing comedic lectures on everything from sexism and diversity, relationships to black popular culture, this former MTV VJ with a master’s in African American studies from Columbia University is a series regular as Tiffany on HBO’s “Insecure”. Named by Time Out LA as one of 2017’s comedians to watch, is creator/host of LA’s hit comedy game show “Smart Funny & Black” at Nerdmelt, Amanda speaks truth to change via her wildly popular instagram and monthly column “Amandaland” at InStyle Mag, she has written/produced/starred in two seasons of her scripted comedy, Get Your Life, available on and went viral after articulately and passionately educating Caitlin Jenner on issues of race and equality in America, during a live streamed dinner, hosted by Katy Perry, on Youtube.

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