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Game of Roses

In-depth coverage of the fastest growing professional sport in the world – The Bachelor. The foremost experts in gameplay analysis @BachelorClues and @PaceCase examine every episode as it airs as well as the history of the game and the plays that happen off the field in the parasocial arena of social media.

About the Hosts


@Bacheloclues used to be a regular person, a casual viewer of The Bachelor like millions of other people. But one fateful night during Season 19 (Chris Soules) he saw something that would change his life forever. On a One-On-One Date with Britt Nielsen in which she and Soules were supposed to be floating through the clear blue sky in a hot air balloon, there was grass sticking up from the lower right corner of the frame. They were not in the sky at all, but instead on the ground. The entire scene was a lie. At that very moment @Bachelorclues was born. It began as a Bachelor IG meme account and over the next six years it would become an obsession that turned into unparalleled analysis of The Bachelor as a sport complete with brand new statistical categories to back it up. @Bachelorclues can’t remember who he was before The Bachelor took over his life and he’s finally accepted it.

Lizzy Pace

Lizzy Pace is a network comedy television writer, whose credits include NBC’s “Bad Judge” and most recently, the Emmy-nominated half hour NBC series, “The Good Place,” starring Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. Before her four seasons on “The Good Place,” she worked on “Lopez” for TV Land and “History of the World… For Now” for Nat Geo. Pace also writes and produces “The Good Place: The Podcast” for NBC, hosted by Marc Evan Jackson.


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