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El Cine

El Cine founders and Latin cinephiles-Mariana, James and Simon bring on a celebrity guest to discuss their all time favorite film, play games, and suggest an obscure Latin film you‘ve never heard of.

About the Hosts

Mariana Da Silva

Mariana Da Silva founded El Cine after moving to Los Angeles, realizing the roles she was asked to portray of Latinas were inaccurate. Mariana who is an immigrant herself, began volunteering at the immigration center and saw first hand the necessity of education.

James Fino

James Fino is a founding partner of Starburns Industries, inc. He served as executive producer on the Emmy award-winning stop-motion animated ABED’S UNCONTROLLABLE CHRISTMAS for NBC’s comedy COMMUNITY as well as Adult Swim’s stop-motion series, MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENHOLE and BEFOREL OREL. James assembled a fierce animation team and pushed the envelope of TV animation for Adult Swim’s RICK AND MORTY before continuing to executive produce Starburns Industries’ first documentary feature, HARMONTOWN, its first stop-motion feature and Oscar nominated, ANOMALISA, HBO’s animated series, ANIMALS, VRV’s animated series, HARMONQUEST, and several podcasts on the Starburns Audio podcast network.

Simon Oré Molina 

Simon Oré Molina was raised in Acapulco, México and is a producer and the Head of Development at Starburns Industries. He hopes you like his stuff and if not.. well.. that’s a you thing.


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