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David C. Smalley

David C. Smalley is a skeptic, comedian, and actor who explores the nuances of major issues in a respectful tone. He talks with Christians, politicians, psychics, crystal healers, comedians, pro fighters, and even adult film stars, all to make you think.

About the Hosts

David C. Smalley

David C. Smalley is an actor, comedian, voice actor, podcast host, and author, who loves to have conversations with people who disagree with him.

David has appeared on CNN, FOX, NewsMaxTV, The Adam Carolla Show, Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr, and many radio shows and podcasts, encouraging humanism and extending peaceful and respectful challenges to dogmatic claims, while welcoming disagreement for public entertainment and education.

He and his team have raised nearly half a million dollars for charitable organizations and people in need.


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