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Black Folx

“Black Folx” is a weekly conversational podcast where actor, writer, activist Brandon Kyle Goodman has one-on-one conversations with different Black folx of various identities about their life experiences and how being Black has shaped them.

About the Hosts

Brandon Kyle Goodman

Brandon Kyle Goodman (he/they) is an actor, writer, and activist. His most recent credits include Amazon’s “Modern Love”, Netflix’s “Feel The Beat” and Hulu’s “Plus One”. He is also a writer for the fourth and fifth seasons of Netflix’s animated series “Big Mouth”. As a proud, queer, Black person, Goodman has recently emerged as a staunch advocate for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, having gained over 60,000 followers and counting in the span of a few days following a recent viral video message to his white peers regarding his experience being Black in America. When not in front of the screen, Goodman loves to seek out great new eats, work out, binge “The Real Housewives,” and discover great, new vocal performances on YouTube. Goodman is currently based in Los Angeles, CA with his husband Matthew, and their puppy, Korey.


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