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Starburns Audio Weekly: July 30, 2018 Posted July 30th

If you missed this last week, you should absolutely check it out. Comedy is about more than easy laughs. Good comedy is about getting real…. and sometimes the real is well, REAL.

Our very own Amanda Seales found herself in the middle of getting real at Just For Laughs in Montreal.

While you’re planning your commute listens this week, don’t forget to check these out:

Harmontown – Jeff is back! Feat. Laraine Newman
Dumb People Town with special guest Dave Ross (Suicide Buddies)
Small Doses with Amanda Seales feat. Kendrick Sampson.
We’re No Doctors – Busy’s back and injured, talking about her slip and fall by Starbucks.


Shows You Should Know:
Roast Battle 
Brian Moses and DJ Coach Tea host the official Roast Battle podcast giving an in-depth look at the hit international TV series as well as weekly live shows from the world-famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA. Listen to comedians battle it out with the most brutal jokes imaginable, now on Comedy Central Podcast Network.


Saving the World with Barry and Lucas
Special ep. with Dr. Heather Berlin 
Barry and Lucas want to make you feel better about the world, by smoking some weed and having a free-flowing conversation with interesting people who want to save us. It’s NPR on weed.


Coming Soon! 
Glowing Up feat. Corrinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson (Guys We Fucked)
You’re Making it Worse feat. Jaboukie
New Player has Joined feat. Futurama Cast
Natch Beat feat. Marie Lodi (Beauty Editor of Hello Giggles)
Starburns Audio Weekly: July 23, 2018 Posted July 23rd

Cheesesteaks in Philly at Podcast Movement, hockey in Montreal at Just for Laughs… where will you be this week? We’ll be at both.  Make sure to say hi, or leave us a comment about what you’re looking forward to in this week’s big events.

Aaaaand, while you’re traveling, make sure to listen to some of the following:

Harmontown (Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis, Spencer Crittenden) with special guest Heath Cullens.
Dumb People Town (Jason and Randy Sklar, Daniel Van Kirk) with special guest Ben Schwartz.
Small Doses with Amanda Seales, talking about breakups and naming names.
Drinky Fun Times (Dan Dunn, Emma Patterson) with special guest John Legend.

We also have some great new shows on our Network, in addition to your favorites. Take a sec and check these out too:

Pen Pals
Every week, your pen pals Rory Scovel and Daniel Van Kirk respond to the letters you send them on topics ranging from free will to freeway etiquette, from mental health to manatees. Seek advice. Tell a story. Vent. Send a letter. It’s your podcast, we just talk about it.

Mormon and the Meth-Head
If the little angel and devil from your shoulders ever hung out without you and made a podcast, this is probably what it would sound like. Equal parts wholesome and horrific, Mormon and the Meth-Head is about one unlikely friendship.

Coming Soon!
• Dumb People Town featuring Corrine Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson of Guys We Fucked.
• The Soft Spot featuring Karen Kilgariff of My Favorite Murder.
• You’re Making it Worse featuring Lena Dunham.

Oh Grandma…. Posted July 11th

I have no words. Just listen to Jammerz: